Winery and vineyard owners got together !

by Kazu

On March 23(Fri.),  the people who run the winery and vineyard in Sorachi sub-prefectural area got together and share the result of the probe conducted by the research company Zukosha in Hokkaido.
Based on the research, Sorachi sub-prefectural area is the best place to run the vineyard and winery in Hokkaido. The points of the research were the total time of daylight from August to October, the difference of temperature in a day, and the quality of the soil in the vineyard.     
As you may know, Norm, too much nitrogenous fertilizer results in reducing the sweetness of the grapes. And too much potassium raises the pH
 of the grape juice. The soil that has good drainage produces the grapes of higher quality as recognized in Bordeaux and Burgundy in France and Catalonia in Spain as well as Niagara on the Lake and British Colombia in Canada. Of course, various kinds of grapes has been developed for each part on this globe but it turned that Sorachi sub-prefectural area in Hokkaido is one of the best place to raise the grapevines and make the best wine in the world.     
All the people who run their own winery and vineyard got relieved and made up their minds again to take the bull by the horns in their lives as entrepreneurs.
It was the first time for them to get together bringing their works "delicious wines" and to talk each other about the efforts they have exerted so far. It may be difficult for them to talk man to man about the problem they are facing but on top of the appropriate competition among them, sharing information and recognize "our competitiveness" is required in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
It may be easy for large enterprises to run the big wineries, blend the wine and keep the quality of their works but even for them it is impossible to make "the monster wine" because nobody knows what the future has in store and just the small size wineries have the possibilities to produce the grapes that lead to "the monster wine" that strikes  the chord with everybody.
Last year the deers and hornets ate the grapes for wine in Sorachi sub-prefectural area and the damage was so huge that some owners of winery were so discouraged . But in this meeting, they got the second wing in their heart, I hope.

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