by Kurt(U.S.A)

Kamikawa sub-prefectural area has many big draw in its area and TENNINKYO area along Chubetsu river is one of the strongly-recommended course to visit.

This waterfall is called SHIKISHIMA no Taki (waterfall) and its tagline is "Niagara waterfall in Hokkaido". Approximately 40 minute walk from the hotspring hotel area in Tenninkyo brings you to this waterfall. In spite of the tagline, the size of the waterfall is much smaller than the real Niagara waterfall but please do not stick with the size. Just inhale the minus ion of water and feel the air of the garden of God in Hokkaido thai is called "Kamui Mintara" in the language of indigenous people in Hokkaido, Ainu.
Chubestu river has gone berserk after heavy rain and winkle the bank of this river so many times. So before deciding to explore the waterfall, please get enough information because the access trail to the waterfall is sometimes hidden by the waterflow.

Tenninkyo area is located in the southewestern part of Mt.Asahi-dake and the waterflow of Chubetsu river philanthropically ease hte pain of our mind and body.
HAGOROMO no TAKI(waterfall) is much nearer to the hotspring hotel area of Tenninkyo than SHIKISHIMA waterfall.
Its seven steps of waterfall is worthwile.The beautiful waterflow is compared to a silky clothe of Goddes.
It is strongly recommended to use the insect repellent spray to focus on the picturesque sights.
A small cave can be seen in the middle of the waterfall.

Wonderful camping sites are around the area and one of them provides hotspring bath gratsis. My favrite camping site is "The forest of 21st century" in Asahikawa that has comfortable cabins with kitchen and washroom inside.
The BBQ corner with roof is good for families considering the weather of mountains.
It is prohibited to use detergent in the bath because the drain is used directly for irrigation of rice fields.                            
Everybody can use the hotspring bath in the camping site gratis but it close 20:00. It promises to be the most popular camping site in Hokkaido.

Totally 29 people passed away hit by snow and ice-fall from the roof or because of falling from the roof while taking away the snow from the roof.
Please pray for the people who departed.

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