Quixotic try?

by Kazu

It will be two more months to enjoy rock climbing and trekking in Hokkaido.
In retrospect, it might be a tough call for my wife to reach the top of the Mt.Meakan in eastern part of Hokkaido despite the mountain is recommended for novice to climb.

 It is only 1,499 meters high but the surface is like much higher mountains and it took 3 hours for her to reach the 9th stage of this mountain.
She was so scared by the hight she reached and the savage scenery including the horizontal icicle shaped by the strong wind that she gave up to reach the top and was waiting for me.
 She could not see the sign of the peak but she said she satisfied with the process and scenery at the low stage of the mountain.
The wonderful scenery was waiting for her but this time she gave up passing the buck to me. Next time she will be prudent with selecting the mountain to climb, I think.

This wooden sign was frozen but it was in September.

Which mountain should we climb this year ?
I would not like to fall prey to the fang of cold rain on the mountain.

A long soak in hot spring bath, onsen should be scheduled after trekking. 

Can you agree?


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