Governor Harumi TAKAHASHI visited the heavy snow area and committed to help.

by Kazu

This is the apartment for the staff of Hokkaido Government. The windows of the first floor should be covered to protect from the ice and block of snow falling from the roof.
The farmers in Sorachi sub-prefectural area is losing the hope and the fact of their damaged greenhouses left them in a daze.
The governor of Hokkaido Harumi Takahashi visited this area, faced the actual situation surrounding the farmers and committed to give a helping hand and money for the farmers.
These greenhouses are 2 meters high but now in the snow. The total damege and the amount of money to save the farmers will be recognized after the snow melted.  
The farmers can not use salt to enhance the melting. They use the carbon to melt the snow.
 In the same pilgrimage, the governor Takahashi visited the warehouse that make the use of snow for eco-friendly air-conditioning in Bibai City. The warehouse contains the rice seeds and polished rice in the same part of itself. It is a kind of experiment to assess the effect of air-conditioning using snow.
 The snow collected from the area of Bibai City is put in the north end of the premises of this warehouse and the cool air from the surface of the snow is delivered by the ventilator to each warehouse of this YUKIGURA KOBO which means "snow warehouse factory"in Japanese. 
Weeping in the snow, we have to make the most of snow in Sorachi sub-prefectural area  for the future of people in this area.

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