Events in March, 2012

by Regional Policy Division, Local Policy Planning Dpt., SORACHI Sub-prefectural Office
・March 10(Sat.) : 札幌交響楽団 Sapporo Symphony Orchestra-「札響
                            will give a concert for the Doll's Festival in Kuriyama Town.
                            Venue: Sports Center in Kuriyama Town
                            Music Director: Mr.Tadaaki ODAKA
                            Tunes: The Marriage of Figaro (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
                                       Voices of Spring(Johann Strauß II)
                                       Ungarische Tänze(Johannes Brahms)
                                       Pomp and Cicumstances (Sir Edward William Elgar)
                                        L.v.Beethoven:Symphony No.7 in A- major Op.92(Beethoven)
                            Adults: 2,000 Japanese Yen(advance ticket), 2,500 Japanese Yen(day ticket)
                            High school students and youngers: 500 Japanese Yen(advance ticket)
                                                                                  700 Japanese Yen(day ticket)
・March 18(Sun.): Thanksgiving festival will be held at roadside station in Fukagawa City
                            Various kinds of sweets and culinary delights sourced locally are attractive.

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