Why sea urchin is so attractive?

by Kurt(U.S.A.)

Nowadays, the more sushi gets popular and attracts people on this globe, the stronger sea urchins and salmon roe make its status as a topping of sushi. Ezo bahun uni (sea urchin) is the top of the hierarchy and among them Ezo Red Bahun Uni is the top of the tops despite bahun means horse dung
in Japanese. The name is derived from the shape of the sea urchin.

I can not find other nation that attached so importance to sea urchin but I can understand the taste enough now. If we could find more delicious sea urchin in other part of the world, we might be a billionaire in a year.  


  1. Delicious uni is a gift to the taste buds. I lived in the U.S. for many years, and could order uni harvested from Mendocino and San Diego coasts. It was quite good. The uni (kina) found in New Zealand is not nearly as tasty. It tends to be blander and grittier here. It is neither sweet nor pungent like a good uni. I look forward to going to Japan and trying world-class uni. :D

  2. Please come to Hokkaido and try the best of best uni as the former leader of DPRK loved.Red Ezo-bafun uni is said to be the best in Hokkaido!