Sorachi Food Festival !

by Kazu

Thank you very much for coming to Sunplaza Hotel.
Over 150 people visited the venue of the Food Festival and enjoyed culinary delicacies sourced locally and salty fried noodle from Kitami City approximately 300 km east of Iwamizawa City.
 But I am not sure it was successful because the announcement was too late and the leaflets of this festival  were delivered just 2 days before the event.  As a result, most of the visitors were the
staff members of the sub-prefectural office of hokkaido government.
Above is the corner of "Gangan fire pot" and 
chittering saute . The staff was hanging out before the dinner time .
Pickled veggies from Utashinai City are very popular in each road station . Besides Utashinai City is the smallest city in Japan. Many professional and amateur skiers stay in Utashinai City and do the special training in Mt.Kamoidake. This pickled veggies maker put the name of "Tirol"  on their products.     
"KINTEKI" Sake Brewering Company in Shintotsukawa Town brought their best sake of this year to the festival. Totally, those sake has bitter taste in comparison with those brewered by KOBAYASHI Sake Brewering Company in Kuriyama Town, I think.
 Bibai City brought the famous skewered grilled chicken , chicken rice and fried noodle packed in the plaqstic bag.

 Iwamizawa City brought the pheasant rice and pheasant burger.
Hori Company is so famous and can sell a bulk of confection without the help of administrative organization. Yubari melon pure jelly is the best seller and snacks are the second this time.

Daikokuya was the most successful in this festival because I bought most of their products in this festival ordered my wife.
 Salmons and herrings rolled in the seakelp are eaten mostly at the beginning of the year but it is also the be3st partner of Japanese sake.
Boiled in the broth, soy sauce and special spice, the combination from the sea  can reach the artistic level.
Blow fish congee and sausage made from the SPF pork struck me as the best in the festival.

I am not sure the Sorachi sub-prefectural office of Hokkaido Government will gain the cooperation of those food manufacturers next time. i will post the total sales amount next week. 

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