Restaurant JURAKU again!

by Kazu

Sorry for very limited information on this site. But I strongly recommend this restaurant in Bibai City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area.

Please remember the name JURAKU where you can have special creme brulee made from the egg of HOKKAI JIDORI Ⅱ, the mixture of game fowl, Nagoya Cochin and Rhode Island Red. 
 The lamb steak raised with asparagus is excellent.
Dou you remember ?
We found that the pasta is also nice in this restaurant. Today's specialty is the pasta with cream sauce topped with oyster and mushroom.
 Salmon flakes is giving the twist ot the taste.
The pasta with tomato sauce and chittering is also nice today.
The pasta came with seafood sauce.
Of course, the pasta was made from the wheat sourced locally but I am not sure where the seafood is from. I think it's from the west coast of Hokkaido, Rumoi sub-prefectural area.
Please try the restaurant and call me. 

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