Beer, Sake, Spirits and culinary delicacy in Iwamizawa !

 by Kazu

In front of Iwamizawa JR station, there is a so nice hole-in-the-wall bistro FUMIYA waiting men of the town.

I dropped my mobile phone in this bistro and the owner kindly kept it for me. I visited there for a few times before but after binge drinking I did not recognize how the cuisine was excellent.  

 To show my appreciation to the owner enough,
I threw a small party in the bistro with my wife and her friend. It costed 18,000 Japanese yen and each dish satisfied us so much.

Sushi-grade fresh fish Sashimi was recommended as a starter and black tuna is the most popular in most of the bistro in Hokkaido. Tuna soaked in the special sauce made of soy sauce and broth is topped on the rice or salad.   
In winter,  Japanese fire pot attract people and recharge their batteries.  
 Japanese calamari, fried squid, fried octopas, fried shrimp and grilled seafood catch your heart.
Boiled pork flavoured with soy sauce and honey, chicken and radish pot, grilled fatty pork, chicken saut'e flavoured with fermented soy beans Miso, pork saut'e flavoured with ginger and kimuchi, Korean spicy pickled Chinese cabbage are on the menu.
 The variation of drinks is eminent.
This time, sushi-grade scallop flavoured with the mixture of soy sauce and sesami oil is the starter. 
 Boiled pork flavoured with soy sauce and honey and ????? is my favorite.
Korean spicy pickled Chinese cabbage should be on the table when I do chug-a-lug beer.
 Seaweed with rice vinegar is good to stay fit.
It is the scene of happy dinner after getting my mobile phone.
 Fried shrimps in rice paper are so crispy and the favorite of my wife and her friend.
The dressing of Caesar's salad was so nice and match to each ingredient. 
 I do not know better friends of sushi-grade fresh fish than Japanese sake or spirits.
Sliced sushi-grade octopas with rice vinegar and seaweed is must in Japanese bistro. 
Grilled chitterling was flavoured with fermented soy beans Miso.
Sizzling pot boiled up the riceball and salmon with broth.
 This is the strong and tasty spirit "AWAMORI" distilled in Okinawa, the south-end prefecture of Japan.
Aged AWAMORI is so  strong and tasteful  that it is very difficult to wean ourselves from this spirits. Please be careful when you drink this spirits otherwise head splitting hangover may annoy you.

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