Coral plant on the coast of Lake NOTORI

by Alan

I am not sure why this plant in the moor is called coral plant(Sango-so) in Japan. Its nomenclature is Salicornia europaea. It is also called "Akkeshi-so" in Japan and Akkeshi is the name of town that Kazu introduced with its facility Conchiglie yesterday.  But I am convinced that the vague "red " color make me feel like in a dream.
It can be seen in the north frigid zone of Europe, North America and Asia.    
 Lake Notori is in Okhotsk district of Hokkaido and its southern coast is filled with this vague red in August and September. 
The name of the plant is derived from Akkeshi Town where it was found first in Japan but now this coast of Lake NOTORI is much more famous in Japan. Precisely speaking, this area is in Ubaranai of Abashiri City.
This is the sign that explains about this plant but I could not understand the discription. But I think that it is about the toughness of this plant to grow in saltwater. Am I right?