Moseushi and Sunagawa delights!

by Kazu

Thanks for visiting Sorachi Food Festival. Over 170 people came to the venue of the event at the 2nd floor of  Hotel Sunplaza in Iwamizawa. But the total amount of sales was 300,000 Japanese yen on that day. I spent 12,000 yen to show my respect to the vendors.
I hope all the companies that participated to the event has done lucrative deals and will give us their cooperation to our organization again. I cross my fingers and toes.  

Beside the results of Sorachi Food Festival,  my mission has been done hilariously. My wife was satisfied with sponge cakes and baumkuchen made by KITAKARO(北菓楼) and fried potatocakes made by HORI which is famous with pure Yubari melon jelly and other various kinds of sweets.  Both of the companies headquatered in Sunagawa City compose "Sunagawa Sweets Road" with other well-founded confection makers. 

These fried rice cookies are made by DAIKOKUYA headquartered in Moseushi Town. One package is 80 yen.
Italian chocolate cookie made by DAIKOKUYA is the favorite of my wife and me in this event.  Florentin cookies are also excellent. Both kinds of cookies are made of rice powder produced in Moseushi Town.
How can we cut the corners to promote the products in Sorachi sub-prefectural area ?
Rome was not built in a day.

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