Present to the MVP of March, 2012 !

by Regional Policy Division, Local Policy Planning Dpt., SORACHI Sub-prefectural Office
Here we happily announce that we will make a present of  the best sake KITA no NISHIKI "ARABASHIRI" brewed up by KOBAYASHI Brewering Company in Kuriyama Town, SORACHI sub-prefectural area to the most valuable person who sent the most contributions of quality with photos to introduce the attractions, cuisine or picturesque sights of Hokkaido to the world.
"ARABASHIRI" was introduced on this blog before as well as the hidden Japanese restaurant "AJIDOKORO" in Kuriyama Town.  This year, only 2,000 bottles are sold.
Please avoid sending political comments and photos with no copyrights of the contributor. The layout on this blog is under the control of the director of our division. Please allow his level of artistic sense. The copyrights of articles and photos will belong to google and our division. Basically almost no censorship should be done and the articles and photos sent by the expats in Hokkaido will be posted on this blog.
   I think most of the expatriates in SORACHI sub-prefectural area know the email address to send the contributions and the mobile phone number for emergency call to be given the help by  KAZU.  If you don't know those contact, please do not hesitate to make a phone call to this number, from Monday to Friday, 8:45 to 17:30.

email address: ikeda.kazuaki@pref.hokkaido.lg.jp
Kazuaki IKEDA
Director, Regional Policy Division, Local Policy Planning Dpt., SORACHI Sub-prefectural Office,
Hokkaido Government

Basically the MVP of the month award should be given to the expatriates in Hokkaido because it is very tough to handle the custom clearance procedure for the staff in our division. That means the expatriates in other part of Japan can be given the award and present according to his/her number and level of contributions.
The MVP of the month will be decided by the director based on the contributions sent by the end of March, 2012 and will be announced by April 9(Mon.) .
Pen name is OK but the nationality should be shown on this blog with the articles and photos. And naturally the person who is offered the MVP of the month award in this blog site talk-hokkaido will be asked the address to send the present.

In April, we will select another kind of freebie for the MVP of the month. But depends on the comments on this blog, we may select "ARABASHIRI" again for the MVP.

We will very looking forward to having many contributions to introduce the best of Hokkaido from you all.

Again, if any questions, please do not hesitate to call our division though most of the staff don't have a good command in English. If you feel difficulty to ask the email address to send a contributions on the phone, please cry out the name of KAZU or IKEDA. The staff will give you the mobile phone number of the director.

It has been decided that the MVP of the year 2012 in this blog will be treated to the special dinner hosted by KAZU in Iwamizawa or the other place of Hokkaido in the convenience of the winner in January of 2013.

Only one present will be delivered to the MVP of the month.

Would you send me contributions to this site, Norm ?
If you do and win the award, I will have to send the present to Ottawa.

Please have a nice weekend !

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