Conchiglie in Akkeshi Town

by Kazu

Please visit
and you will find a beatiful building, scenery of the sea and peninsula. But it is in Japanese.
The name of the building is "Conchiglie" which means the food with the shape of seashell in Italian.
This facility is aimed to create the culture of cooking and eating seafood and others sourced locally. Particularly the oysters raised in Akkeshi Bay are so popular that they are exported to other part of Japan and the world.
Grilled conch is also nice to have with beer. Once the conch bubbled with sticky fluid on the fire, we take the body off the shell, fill the shell with soy sauce, put the body of shellfish back to the shell and put them on the fire again.
Fresh sushi-grade oysters are superb and hit the best balance with horseraddish and Japanese sake or dry-taste white wine.
Scallopes, fish, meats and veggies sourced around this area can be chosen from the vat at the entrance of this restaurant in buffet style.
It seems that a certain Chinese movie film use this facility as the stage of love romance because many Chinese tourists, in particular couples of male and female visit this facility including the restaurant. 
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