Bombay Blue

by Andy Evans(U.K.)

Today I felt like Indian food, so I stopped by Bombay Blue, close to the university campus in Iwamizawa. It’s a firm favourite among the expatriates in Sorachi District, and rarely disappoints. As it was lunchtime, I went for one of the excellent lunch specials. I had a chicken curry set, which is a chicken tikka massala with rice, a fresh naan bread and a salad. For 790yen, it’s a real bargain.

I opted to have my curry ‘very very hot’ as I love spicy food. The complimentary lassi (Indian yoghurt drink) was most welcome, as my mouth was tingling after a few mouthfuls!
The chef has recently arrived from India, so his curries are as authentic as they come! The menu is varied, with something for everyone and the spice level can be varied if you're not used to the heat of a spicy Indian curry.

For regular visitors, it's worth picking up a Special Member's Card, with which you can get discounts on your bill.

If you went to the Join Alive festival, or the Iwamizawa Hyappei Matsuri, you may have seen a Bombay Blue stand. They now have a ‘Curry Bus’ which will be serving food at different festivals around Hokkaido this summer.

Jimmy, the owner of Bombay Blue, told me about an Indian Music event he will be hosting on May 12th. There’ll be a ‘sitar’ group playing from 6:00pm with a buffet and drinks. Sounds like it’ll be a great evening, I’m certainly keen to be there!


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