From the backstage of YUBARI International Fantastic Movie Film Festival 2012!

by Kazu

The cinema festival closed on February 26(Sun.) 2012 in Yubari City. 313 films are recommended to nominate and 12 nominee were on the screen.
As a result, "Osaka Gedo(Osaka Scoundrel)" deirected by Mr.Takahiro Ishihara got the Grand Prix in the category of off-theater competition. 
 Hokkaido Governor's award has gone to "Beatles "directed by Mr.Yuichiro Sakashita and the special award from the film committee has gone to "the confession by a skunk kid" directed by Taichi Suzuki.

The audience had the special affection to the festival  hosted by the citizens of Yubari City with the heartfelt hospitality. 
 Each committee member gave the comment on each work very kindly.
The chief of staff greeted and expressed his deepest gratitude for having guests and audience in Yubari City.   

It will be held in Yubari again and every staff member and the audience will be looking forward to visiting the city again!