Sweets Road in Sunagawa, Sorachi!

 by Kazu
 Kitakaro(北菓楼)  is a sweet shop of long standing in Hokkaido. The headquarter is at the roadside of Route 12 in Sunagawa City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area. Other sweets shop is also along this way, so the area is called "Sunagawa Sweets Road".

  So sophisticated taste of sweet can be enjoyed in such room like a den.

Of course, Kitakaro has its branch shop in Daimaru Department Store in Sapporo and other department stores. Cream cheeze cake, apple pie, roll cake, chiffon cake and ice cream are today's choice of my wife and me.
 This apple pie is not American but the best among
I've had ever. 
 For the first time I had creamcheeze cake. I love rare cheeze cake but creamcheeze cake is also grabed my heart immediately.

This is the choice of my wife. Roll cake, chiffon cake and ice cream.
 Listening to the sound of poping in the fireplace, we could have the time of luxury with delicious confection. 

The creamcheeze cake is very soft and sweet appropriately.
 The applepie is made of flour and apples sourced locally and real "thumbs-up". 
Nobody is reading book during our stay but the atmosphere is so nice.
One of the staff threw in the firewood and quickened smoldering timber into flames. 
Kitakaro is very successful to develop the menu of sweets and its activities. Every product of this company is so competitive.
Like other sweets shops in Hokkaido, the company exert the best efforts to vitalize the artistic activities.
Many tourists from other part of this country and this globe visit this headquarters everyday aswell as the citizens of Sunagawa City.
Please do not forget the name of Kitakaro loved by most of the people in Hokkaido. Snow pudding is in fo the people in Sapporo.
Have the sweets and happy time!

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