Viva, Bibai City Snow Festival vol,1

by Kazu
For the people who don't like straitlaced, regimented type of atmosphere, the snow festival in Bibai City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido gives insight into  the cooperation of residents.
This "objet" built up in the central park of Bibai City was made by the Japanese Self-defence force deployed in Bibai.
 On February 5(Fri.), this slope was filled with kids sliding down but this time it's very calm. Staff memebers of the entity that gave the dedication for the success of the festival worked hard around-the- clock to set up the vendors and other items necessary for safety.
"Yukinko" is the kids romping around even in the snow, I think.
Bibai City is very famous as the city of skewered grilled chicken. Chicken breast and intestine.

Chicken rice sourced locally is also popular and famous in Bibai City. The chicken is so special and developed in Utashinai Town.

To be continued.