For special guests, in KURIYAMA Town, Sorachi sub-prefectural area

By Kazu
I never lie on the job but I would like to introduce a special space hidden in the snow as my first workload of today.
If you miss this sign on the road in Kuriyama Town, Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido, you will not encounter the specialty of the core part of Hokkaido.
The name of the Japanese restaurant is AJIDOKORO which takes 1 or two party in a day and requires reservation on the phone by 2 days before the lunch or dinner.   
It is almost impossible to find this sign in front of the restaurant. 
Apparently, it does not seem like a restaurnat. It looks normal residence in Hokkaido. 
In winter, the gate road is covered with reed blind.
 The entrance is covered with linen curtain.
 In the night, garden stone lantern is giving a slight indication of hospitality.
I will take you in the year of 2013, Kathleen, Alan, Kurt, Tanya and Arvo.
Of course, Norm should visit us again and have a dinner with us.
This restaurant absolutely live up to its reputation and my comments.
Small sculpture of cat which is inviting guests, treasure and happiness greets the guests.
This is the room next to the entrance. Very warm atmosphere lies in wait.
This is the space in front of the party room.
And after having look at the subtle lighting in the hallway below, cosy party room invites the host and special guests. 

 Atmosphere of trust and autonomy is in the room and particularly in the alcove.
A Chinese sculpture is at the window.
 We do not have to look the bill over our shoulder. The prices are reasonable. Today's course is 5,500 Japanese yen.
 Kobayashi Brewery Company headquartered in the same town is providing this restaurant with the best sake.

 Wine sourced locally satisfies the guests as well as Japanese sake. 
The starter is green soy beans curd with string bean for salad in broth. Soy beans cake topped with peanuts is beside.  
 ARABASHIRI is today's special drink. Only 2,000 bottles are produced in a year because it requires thorough temperature control in small tank during brewering.
ARABASHIRI means "not squeeze but just percolate naturally". It cntains the soul of the brewerer.
With the first chug-a-lug of ARABASHIRI, crab meat cake and sea weed in broth warmed us up. 

Sashimi of sea bass and boiled herring roe came with ginger and cucumber.

 Grilled cod-like fish is best match to the sake.

 Crams are boiled in broth and soy-sauce-based soup.

Rice ball flavoured with vinegar and broth is topped with salmon and came with pickled aubergine. 
 The dessert is superb but I could not get the recipe from the chef.
Japanese green tea is ease the pain in our life. 
We really enjoyed the special dinner and the produce and products in Kuriyama Town.
Thank you very much, Mr Tsubakihara.
Japanese restaurant Ajidokoro is quite an asset of Hokkaido.