Viva, Bibai City Snow Festival vol,2

 On a beayutiful day of this winter, the sun is shining. I feel good ~!  Of course, I love the tunes of "Queen".

  If you can find this sign at the roadside of Route 12 in the outskirt of Bibai City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido,  it is worthwhile to drop by. The name of the restaurant is "SHIRAKABA Jaya" which means "Cafe Birch" in English.

Chicken rice is the most popular in this restaurant.
Japanese thick noodle soup in the sizzling pot, Nabeyaki Udon with chicken rice flavoured fish and sou sauce  is today's choice of my wife.  
 The sizzling pot is topped with pork, leek, fishcake, egg and tempra. 
 Japanese buckwheat noodle soup with chicken rice is my choice of today.
 At the vendor of Bibai City Snow Festival, pancakes were best-selling that contain blueberry, cheeze and black sugar.
Lamb hamburger is also popular this time because the sheep was fed with asparagus and the meat is so tasty. 
Five minutes later, my wife dropped the blacksugar sauce inside the pancake on her mitten and she cried out in the crowd.
 Blueberry and cheeze pancake was my choice.
 Quick bite is ordinary in festivals.
Sliding slope was filled with the kids in Bibai City and the battalion deployed in Bibai City helped the kids to climb up the slope.
 TATSUMI is one of the well-founded Yakitori restaurant which provides with skewered grilled chicken. Other than that, Fukuyoshi and Mifune are also the most popular and well-founded Yakitori restaurant.
Good job!
 Mr.Sato is very enthusiastic clerk in the municipality of Bibai.
And a good food fighter.
He is simgle so far. Please post comments if you want to see him or visit Bibai City.

Have a great weekend!

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