Do you know Nanporo Town in Sorachi sub-prefectural area ?

by Kazu
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Korean "kimuchi", spicy pickled Chinese cabbage,  is also popular even in Japan.
Mothers in Nanporo Town are exerting their effort  to deliver the delicious kimuchi and other local products  to all over the world.
They use Chinese cabbage and normal cabbage to make kimuchi.  
These are the kimuchi made of normal cabbage. Different form kimuchi made of Chinese cabbage, it can be said that it's "crispy".
Of course, normal type kimuchi made of Chinese cabbage is sold in the market in the town.
"Purple dew" is the name of the drink made of the leaves of labiate.  This is good for the splitting-head of hangover.

This is the scenery from the tower of bus depot in Nanporo Town.

Lanterns in bus depot are like tents of native Americans.

 The bus depot has a diner that serves kimuchi noodle soup Ramen. The broth is not so strong but that allows fermented soy-beans paste Miso and kimuchi to appeal its fertile taste.
 The noodle is not so thick but hit the good balance with the soup.
The bus depot in Nanporo Town has the tower and conference rooms available for the citizens. City planning is very important. To think out of the box, it is recommended to go up to the top of the tower and look down the town;)

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