Hokkaido Burger GrandPrix 2012 was held in Iwamizawa Heavy Snow Festival.

by Kazu

Repeatedly hit by record-breaking heavy snow, DOKAYUKI( which means heavy snow in Japanese ) Festival was held on February 18(Sat.)and 19(Sun.) hosted by the Municipality of Iwamizawa, Chamber of Commers et al. 
 In this festival, Hokkaido Burger Grand Prix attracted many citizens and guests from other part of the islands. If you give it a whirl, you can save quite a bundle on the bill for enjoying original hamburgers in each area of Hokkaido. Smarting  from how much points should be given to which burger, you will be filled with the delicious burgers and will have to shrug off the fastidious people. 
Betsukai Town was selling "Jumbo Scallop Burger" and hot milk.
Other than that, Yubari City, Fukagawa City, Bihoro Town, Bibai City, Nayoro City, Kuriyama Town, Shiraoi Town, Kamifurano Town, Otaru City and Iwamizawa City set the vendors on the site.
 The number of the people in front of each vendor does not express the popularity nor the total score in this competition.
 Iwamizawa City sold pheasant cutlet burger.
Are these burgers popular in your city or town?
I am not sure which vendor made this burger now.
I think this burger is my wife's favorite in this competition. Is this a Kuriyama burger ?
If I commit the sin of postinging misinformation, please right the wrong and excuse me;)

Back pain is still your pet peeve, Norm?
Please don't forget the onsen in Hokkaido and its effect on your back and heart.  

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