YUBARI Fantastic Movie Film Festival !

by Kazu

International Fantastic Cinema Festival has started on Februay 23(Thu.) in Yubari City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido.
It is held every year in Yubari City.
 Grand Prix  1
 Special award 1
 Governor's award 1
Sherlock Holmes "Shadow Game ", "We were there", "Bad teacher", "The forest of the day after", "Ultraman Saga", "Help!", "Author is not identified", "Sowing Traveler", "Le Chat botté(Puss 'n Boots )", "Margaret Thatcher- Tears of Iron Woman " are invited this year. 
I am not a fussbudget about movie films but this time I will have to pull out all the stops to select the movie to watch. 
 As you may know, the municipality of Yubari bankrupted in 2007. The citizens were smarting from the the fact and downgraded administrarive service. It is on the way to recover.Fastidious accountants are required and actually many staff has been dispatched from Hokkaido Government and  The Metropolis of Tokyo to help the municipality.
These are the mascot of Yubari City named "melon bear" but I can not gaze at their face for a minute because ??????
 They may scare you in nightmare.
More poer to the creature!