Panettone in Takikawa City,Sorachi sub-prefectural area,Hokkaido

By Kazu
 It may be difficult to find this bakery and cafe named "Panettone" in Takikawa City.
Its flag is at the corner of the nearest intersection in residential area.
Attractive smell is around the bakery from Thursday to Sunday, from 10 to 17.

 Today's special is sandwitch set and soup set that includes bread  and soup.  A blackboard is in front of the bakery. Please find it to have a silent but comfortable time and delicious cake or bread.
Very cosy space is inside the bakery house. The shelves are  so normal as a bakery house but something is differnt.
 The amount of cakes and breads are not so huge in the display .
 This stove makes very comfortable temperature and radiation of heat in the bakery.
 Lamps and sculptures are over our heads.
                                         In winter,few people have their lunch upstairs .  
Everybody is enjoying their time in their own way.
The bakery is appropriate for singles ?
A subtle smile fits the atmosphere to a T.  
If anybody would like to try the bakery, please post the comments and I post the precise location of the bakery.
Have a great week!  


  1. That's such a wonderful and cozy place!