Guitarist Mr.Yamaki !

by Kazu
We all need some downtime.
So I decided to go dinner show.
Mr. Yamaki played the acoustic guitar at the JR Tower Hotel in Sapporo City on January 31.
He will visit New York City and is planning to give a concert.

As a starter, a pretty dish came and caught our eyes. 
 Crispy fried dumpling was so cute and delicious .
 Pepper beafsteak give us the second wing to fight.
Another stomach could digest this pudding and fruit.
Sapporo City is known as a completely well-planned beautiful city. Its buena vista catch your heart. 
The dinner show was given with such beautiful scenery from the JR Tower Hotel.

Particularly in winter, the scenery will recharge your batteriesimmediately.
The hotel staff struggled to set this illumination for hours. 
He is Mr.Yamaki with incredible skill of supremacy to play the guitar. He will graduate Hokkaido Education College in Iwamizawa, Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido.
Thank you very much for happy time and "verboten play"!

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