Au bon pan in Bibai City, Sorachi !

by Kazu
 "Dosanko Plaza" in the building of Sapporo JR(Japan Railway) Station is selling the delicious breads made in Bibai City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido.  Dosanko means "born in Hokkaido ". The taste of the breads made by "Bakery Sugiura" in Bibai City live up to the reputation because the breads are delivered from Bibai City everyday. The staff of the bakery shows esprit de corps and hospitality eveytime I visit its small shop in Bibai City.
  The bakery is near the apartment run by the municipality but for visitors from other area it is a little bit difficult to find its small building. A small flag with charactors of "すぎうら" is at the corner of the nearest intersection in the residential area of Bibai City. 

In the heavy snow, it may be impossible to find this house of breads. That is why the bakery should deliver the breads to Sapporo JR Station.
This year, their new shop will be opened at the roadside of Route 12 in Bibai City.
In the bakery, muffins, rusks, chiffon cake always attract my wife.
Whole wheat bread is my favorite.
 Melon pan is incrediblly popular particularly to females and kids in Japan.

Chocolate chiffon  cake, tea taste chiffon cake and strawberry marble chiffon cake is the original menu in this bakery.
 Every customer is handed the bread with heartfelt smile of the staff.
The Cashier is directly connected to the baking area.
This smile is the symbol of this bakery that gives the customer confidence and power to fight. This lady hid her eyebrow before taking this photo because she had not draw her eyebrow with her eyebrow pencil yet today.

This lady is so kind that every customer comes to this bakery everyday in Bibai City.

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