Iwamizawa Delicious !

by Kazu
Iwamizawa City and Bibai City in Sorachi sub-prefectural area,Hokkaido are fomous for delicious skewered grilled chicken and buckwheat noodle with giblets soup.
This is one of the restaurant that serves those quisine of superior quality.It is run by a motor cycle rider with interesting hair style. Its name is "KIRIN(希林)" . It is located in the western part of Iwamizawa City called Yamato district.
 The owner chef has many friends all over the Hokkaido Island as well as in main land of Japan.
He enjoys motor cycling and got to know many other riders.
On Jan.15(Sun.), heavy snow fall makes it difficult for regular customers to come to the restaurant. So the chef decided to close the restaurant at much earlier time than usual but just after that many people swamped including my wife and me.
In the restaurant, Japanese tatami space and occidental table and chair space can be used besides the counter space.  

 Crispy fried checken is very popular in this restaurant as a starter and a friend of beer.
It is showed as "the legendary fried chicken" on the menu and "the recipe is secret" the chef said.

 Buckwheat noodle with giblets soup is the most popular in this restaurant. You can choose the separate type or the hot noodle soup. 
 Lefthand side is the hot noodle soup of giblets. 

Above is the separate type and the soup is very hot. The noodle should be soaked in the soup.In cold winter, this noodle soup revitalizes your body and soul so much.   Do you have similar cuisine in Mexico, Guillermo ?  

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