After binge drinking in Iwamizawa!

by Kazu
The Japanese Chinese dumpling bar is in the down town of Iwamizawa City. The name is "GYOZA-YA". It is the counter bar that provides mainly dumpling "chao-zu" and drink.
A charming lady is handling all by herself in the hole-in-the-wall.    
 The counter bar is in the hidden place in the downtown. It may be difficult to find this sign even in near place. If you would like to visit, please post your comments.
Usually, I prefer crispy fried chao-zu but this dumpling is warm up your heart. The soup is thicken with flour and flavoured with Chinese black vinegar and soy sauce.  
I really appreciate this kind of information on the crispy and tasteful GYOZA. Thanks, Mr. Sato in Bibai City. Very famous GYOZA chain "MIYOSHINO" is fine but in Iwamizawa this dumpling bar should be checked up. When I visited with my wife , the bar ran out of Japanese "Kakuni"
boiled pork flavoured with sugar, soy sauce and spices in its special recipe that contains ample collagen.
The bar is so small that it should not be swamped by a herd of people;)
Have a great generous week!