MEHARI-ZUSHI in Shintotsukawa Town

 by Kazu                                                             
Do you know "MEHARI-ZUSHI" in Japan ?    It is a rice ball wrapped with pickled Chinese cabbage or lettuce. MEHARI means eye-ball-popping.  Originally, it is local product in Yoshino area in Nara prefecture where the ancestors of the citizens of Shintotsukawa Town came from. Their mother village is Totsukawa Village. Shintotsukawa Town area produce so high-quality rice crop that the people tried to extract the best taste of rice produced in their town. It is good to have it even with beer because the pickled Chinese cabbag is spicy.  
 As a lunch set, MEHARI-ZUSHI is coupled with chicken noodle soup in this restaurant but I prefer spicy Chinese noodle soup "Tan tan men" originated in Sichuan today. The rice in MEHARI-ZUSHI is flavoured with harb and fish soup, I think.
Other than that the restaurant provides with "Whale lunch " that includs fried meat of whale and boiled meat of whale flavoured with soy sauce and sugar. And hard boiled Japanese noodle soup topped with variety of local products and produce. Rice croquettes is also nice in this restaurant but the capacity of this restarant is so limited that you have to be patient enough to wait a while until you have a meal there. 

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