Sapporo Again!

 by Kazu

Do you remember this pot ?
Its center part is higher than other part.

Yes, this is the Jingiskan Pot in restaurant Matsu-jin run by Matsuo Jingiskan Company in Hokkaido.
 The restaurant Matsu-jin is provideing with super exellent lamb and mutton soaked in the special sauce developed by the founder of the company.
The veggies are boiled in the sauce poured in the lower part of the pot. The lamb and mutton are grilled on top of the pot.
Its special lunch set is 1,200 Japanese yen (appr. 15US$?)and you can eat as much as rice you can without additional payment. The restaurant Matsu-jin is located in Nissei Building near Sapporo Japan Railway Station.
 Tables for smokers and non-smokers are separated but the border is vague. Each gas grill and table has the ventilator like in Korean BBQ restaurant.
 On the premises of Hokkaido Unversity,  you can find the tree decorated with luminescence at the north end. I am not sure who bought the LED but am sure jogging in the university is very comfortable even in the night.
When you visit Sapporo city, please find the tree in the university.
What is your alma mater like, Guillermo?


  1. I want to go to matsujin now. What is the address?