Bibai City in Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido vol.2

 By Kazu

These are the twin towers of coalmine shaft in Bibai City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido. It was said that the scale of these towers were the biggest in Asia.
Different from other towers of coalmine shaft left in Sorachi sub-prefectural area, the colors of towers has not faded and is still vivid. 

These towers are located in the mountainous area of Bibai City.
Sometimes artistic exhibitions and footpath events are arranged around this area. But in winter, almost nobody visits this area because the road near these towers is deadend. In the future this road will lead to Furano area famous as a ski resort and the location point of very popular TV drama "From the Northern Country"(北の国から) , I think.  
  In 2012, more interesting events will be held in this area, "Coalmine Memorial Forest Park" where more than 10 coalmine had run and showed its glory.
   "Arte Piazza Bibai" full of sculptures made by the worldwide famous artist Mr.Kan Yasuda is 6.5km west of these towers. Mr. Yasuda was born in Bibai City. He visits his hometown frequently  and exerts efforts to revitalize this city and adjacent area.
     His sculptures for Korean people who worked at the coalmines in this area and passed away are laid   near the towers of coalmine shafts to ease the pain of their soul and crowned with snow now. This sculpture has their counterpart in Busan, Korea. The sculpture in Busan is shaped like a parabola antenna to catch the soul of Koreans who passed away and could not return to their hometown.   Amen.

This is the entrance of the Italian restaurant "Pasta SATO" . Some residents in Bibai said that the pasta in this restaurant is the best in Hokkaido where wheats of high quality are produced and processed.
   Sometimes the wife of the chef introduce and recommend her religion but do not mind that.
   My wife and I will try the restaurant in next month.
  "Pasta SATO" is located in residential area and has few parking space.  
Please be looking forward to our report on this restaurant;)
To be continued.

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