Bibai City in Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido vol.1

 By Kazu
Sheeps in Icleand eat the moss instead of the grass. So the meat does not smell so much because it does not contain the enzyme to resolve the grass which is normally contained in mutton and gives the peculiar smell.
  In Nishikawa farm in Bibai City, the sheeps are fed with roots of asparagus in summer and fall. So the smell peculiar to the mutton can not be felt when you eat the cooked meat of this sheeps raised in Nishikawa Farm. 
 The sheeps are so pretty and cuddled by visitors including my wife and me. But they are destinend to be mutton to be eaten.
 Eat enough, be cuddled enough my pretty boy!

 They are fed with dry grass in winter.
 She has "a" nice eyebrow and is very friendly with the visitors. She gives the visitors he winsome smile.
This is the grilled mutton with onion provided by Restaurant
"JURAKU(寿楽)" in Bibai City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
 Even for the people who don't like mutton can eat this dish without heavy use of herb and spice.
It matches the wine produced in Sorachi sub-prefectural area so much as well as the wine from the other part of this globe including Burgundy, Bordeaux and North America. 

 This is Japanese chitterling flavoured with tomato
produced in Bibai City. The amount of tomato produced in Bibai City is limited but the quality and power of the taste is superb.  
 In Nishikawa Farm, the endangered hybrid chicken for meat, "Hokkai Jidori Ⅱ" is raised. This kind of hybrid chicken is developed by a certain coalmine company that run coalmine industry in Utashinai City in Sorachi sub-prefectural area. As you may know, "Hokkai" means Northern Ocean and "Jidori" means the chicken bred on the ground and not in hencoop. "Hokkai Jidori Ⅱ"  is the hybrid of game fowl, Nagoya cochin and Rhode Island Red and developed for the meat, so lays not so well and the number of eggs we can obtain is so limited.

This is the "Crème brûlée" made from the eggs laid by "Hokkai Jidori Ⅱ". The restaurant JURAKU keeps providing with cuisine made from the local produce and products of super high quality.
Please drop by and try the restaurant when you visit Bibai City in Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido.

Special thanks to Mr.Nishikawa, Mr.Sato and
Japanese Bistro "JURAKU" !

to be continued

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