Local contents in Shintotsukawa Town .

by Kazu
In Kujirakan at the roadside of Route 275 in Sintotsukawa Town, a souvenir shop is run by the consortium of the municipality and private sector.
The Japanese sake  brewery KINTEKI is in the town, so the bottles of Japanese sake are sold in this building , too.
 The fermented rice was extracted the alcohol and some of the rest is used for almost-non-alcohol sweet sake for mainly kids and females. Ohter portion is fried and sold as a snack.
A pottery is in the the town and produce good cup and pitcer to drink Japanese sake hot or cold.
 KINTEKI is brewing up comparatively dry taste
sake. It hits good balance with particularly seafood.
Those are fried rice cake flavoured with Teriyaki-sauce, sea scallop with butter and soy sauce, crab meat with mayonnaise. I prefer beer to Japanese sake but those snack are the good friends of sake brewed by KINTEKI.
 In Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Yubari Melon is the top brand but in Shintotsukawa the farmers produce melon as well as its high-quality rice.
These are melon jello and cakes.

 In direct translation, the name of buckwheat cracker is "stand by me" or "beside me".
Japanese Chinese noodle soup package of miso(fermented soy-beans paste) and salt flavour produced in this town are also sold in Kujira-kan.
 I am not sure how should I eat this buckwheat grain flakes. With milk ?

Have you tried, Mr.Baasch ?
I can not understand enough why Japanese people are so crazy for buckwheat flour and buckwheat noodle soup. Many of them love to make the noodle and noodle soup from the scratch.
 Dried buckwheat noodle is better for me to enjoy its taste quickly and easily.

As I mentioned before, the afounders of Shintotsukawa Town came from Totsukawa Village in Nara prefecture that were hit by heavy rain and flood last year and many years ago. After the landslide in the village many years ago, many of the people left the village, came to Hokkaido and founded Shin-Totsukawa Town in Sorachi sub-prefectural area. So the people in Shintotsukawa Town call the village "Mother Village" and dispatched the clerks of the town to the village in order to help the people of Mother Village recover from the flood last year for weeks. They also donated for the same gene.

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