Esan(恵山、Mt.Esan) and blizzard in Sorachi.

 By Kazu
Soarachi  sub-prefectural area in Hokkaido was hit by heavy snow . In this area, particularly in Iwamizawa City , Mikasa City , Bibai City and Tsukigata Town, citizens have to take off the snow from the roof of their house  to avoid collapse .
Japanese Self-defence force  decided to deploy its soldiers to these area  after receiving the reuqest of dispatching from subprefectural office of Hokkaido Government. 
  Allegedyl the time lag of 30 hours between the request by Iwamizawa City and ad that by Sorachi Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government to the branch of Japanese Self-defence force is because of bad handling by the officer of he sub-prefectural office. But that is not true. Basically, Japanese Self Defence Force does not exist just for taking off the snow. They need the reasons to dispatch the soldiers even in this island. It may be reasonable to require that after worldwar Ⅱto minimize the fear of conquering other countries by Japanese Self Defence Force. Particularly the winners of the Worldwar Ⅱ. But nowadays, to make the most of their well-organized operation and power, more flexible cooperation should be required.    
Besides, the top is the top of the Mt.ESAN near Hakodate City, the port town with a long history and good palce to have a romance. Actually my father enjoyed enough staying in the city with his lover.
Lefthand  side is the coastline that can be seen from the top of Mt.Esan. It is located near the sea, the scenery is very attractive. In spring, azalea flowers cover the most part of this mountain.   
It is easy to reach the top because this mountain is 618.07 meters high but the mountain is spout ing sulfur gas all the year round. No fear of sulfur intoxication during your climbing but please be careful to avoid dehydration in summer because the reflection of sunshine from the ground is strong ;)

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