Japanese Sake Brewery "KOBAYASHI" vol,2

By Kazu
This is the museum and souvenir shop of Japanese Sake Brewery "KOBAYASHI" in Kuriyama Town, Sorachi sub-prefectural area, Hokkaido.  It is next to the Japanese restaurant
"KINSUIAN" run by "KOBAYASHI Brewery"
itself and is like British style.

In the building, so many historical items and Japanese  Sake of superior quality are exhibited in the showcase.
 Japanese Sake breweries and cellars are adjoining.  In main island of Japan, the snow was used to cool down the barrel in order to avoid too much fermentation of sake.
Vintage bottles of KOBAYASHI Brewery are labeled and wrapped up so attractively  and beautifully.
 The uniform for brewers are sold as souvenirs.
 Various kinds of glasses and decanters for Japanese Sake  are in the showcases.
 Precious dishes, bowls and cups for Japanese cuisine  are very beautifu and worth  as much as a car or more.
This suit of armor  is for the ancestor of Kobayashi dynasty , I think.
He is the founder of KOBAYASHI Brewery and his desk is still in the office but just for exhibition.
 Japanese wedding party was held in such room and condition. The bride and bridgroom should be in front of the golden folding screen.

Dry taste sake is like chablis in France. On February 7(Tue.) the mayor of Kuriyama Town and Director  General for Sorachi sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government will meet and have a talk about the future of this area. Hangover will annoy them next day ;)

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