Beautifu Day in Bibai, Sorachi!

by Kazu
After the days of heavy snow, the sunshine has come back and Mt.Pinneshiri shows its beautiful skyline.  Driving on the route 12 in Hokkaido, its fertility can be seen on the rice and veggie field as well as orchards and vineyards in summer and autumn. Even in winter, various kinds of scene can be seen from the route 12 between Sapporo and Asahikawa.
Mt. Pinneshiri is not so high but it is on the northside of fertile land along the Ishikari river and brings bumper crops almost every year.
 Heading to Asahikawa from Sapporo, in Bibai City Area you can find this sign on your lefthand side.
"Zangi" is the name of fried chicken in Hokkaido and almost all males in Japan love the taste and calory so much. The chickens are soaked in the special sauce made of soy sauce and spices before being fried.   
 It is the first time for me to have this type of fried chicken. Something is different fom other restaurant.
The fried chicken lunch is 880 Japanese yen.

 Can you find the differnce ?
 It is stuffed with chopped chicken and something.
Beef tongue steak and Chinese fried chicken with thicken sauce with flour are also attractive.
Fried chicken set with rice ball is 600 Japanese yen.
The restaurant does not separate smoking area and non-smoking.
If you do not like smoke, please avoid lunch time because a lot of truckers are smoking at the time.
I am not sure "the difference ". If you find "the point" please post your comment.