by Kazu
In winter, many passengers are oblivious to
this sign on the side of Route 275.
"Kujira-kan(くじら館)" is near the L'hotel de Villa.
A small restaurant and souvenir shop are in side. 
I am not sure why the building was named Kujira-kan which means whale-building. But apparently the motif is the biggest creature on this globe.  The fossils of whale were found in this town before.
Fossils of whales and their ancestors are exhibited on the second floor of this building.
 It's too big to take a photo.

The skeleton of gray whale is suspended from the roof. 
I have swum with this kind of whale before.
I agree that the meat of whale is not so delicious but for many of Japanese people the taste makes them remember their adlolescence.
And the time they had more enthusiasm about everything around them in the world.
Such expression may get under your skin ?
But I think every body has the time he or she is eager to go back to and cherish in mind.
Tomorrow, I will post the lunch menu of the restaurant in this building.