Sorachi blessed by Goddess of Snow

      by Kazu                                                           Have you gone through the tunnel of snow?  If not, you can easily experience that in Iwamizawa City, Sorachi sub-prefectural area. On Jan.15(Sun.) and 16(Mon), Iwamizawa City, Mikasa City and adjacent area were hit by blizzard. Hokkaido Central Expressway was closed and the railway transportation system did not work in this area. After the white lady has gone, sidewalks are almost covered with snow roof.                      

It is very hard to jog around on such sidewalks. 

Besides, finger food vendors are  busy even in the heavy snow. In Mikasa City, "Coal Fried Chicken" is "on".
The colour is ?????
Of course, black.
Ink bags of squid or octopas may be used but I am not sure.
 Coal fried noodle is the brand-new product of KADOYA Company that is already known with Fried Noodle flavoured with curry or regular sauce. In Italian restaurant, squid ink spaghetti may be the regular menu but squid ink fried noodle is packed in the plastic bag and directly eaten from the bag as well as other regular fried noodle. Staff members of Mikasa Municipality usually have this for a quick bite. I prefer the one flavoured with regular KADOYA sauce to curry but coal fried noodle is good to have with pints of beer.