Ushigoya(Cattle House) Ice cream in Yuni Town !

by Kazu

What do you think is this?
Sea urchin?

 No, this is the mom of an ice cream shop called Ushigoya which means "cattle house" in Japanese. I am not sure if she is a Rastafarian or an enthusiastic fan of Bob Marley but am sure she loves the open-hearted atmosphere of Caribbean countries including Cuba.
The other staff members of the shop are quite normal with moderate decency and hospitality.
 Various kinds of ice cream can be seen in the showcase and each of kind has the name and taste with twists peculiar to the shop, such as "premium pistachio", "mentality of strawberry," "a memory of summer", "king's favorite",
"fascinating chocola", "very berry", "only one".
These names may be catchy for Japanese people as well as "strawberry Daifuku ricecake-taste".
"Mama's special for the day" is arranged by this Caribbean-like mom everyday. A double-dip of strawberry-taste and chocolate-chips were her select of that day.
Very colourful and cosy shop is filled with mainly couples and families every weekend. It may be one of the local hangouts in Yuni Town.
This Caribbean like Bob welcome all the guests at the entrance of the shop. "Make it slow ! Make it slow!" said the Rastaman.
These clothes on the bench can not be purchased in Japan.
 Many unique shops and restaurants are there around the intersection of Route 274 and 234.
This shop is in the a certain cattle ranch in Yuni Town. Its green lawn and wide space are very attractive for us males.
Dogs can be released in the premise except for the ice cream shop and boulangerie next to this shop.
It is the season when we tend to get extra pounds before winter. Staying fit is getting more difficult for us without hard exercise, jogging and calisthenics.
 This is the sign at the roadside of Route 274.
I can not imagine the difficulty and hard chore in the shop but everybody looks so happy and filled with vim and vigor.
We may have to hurry up in preparing for winter before snow falls and be on diet albeit our body require high-calory food and culinary delicacy made from local food. It's the beginning of our fight!


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