Roadside station in Naganuma Town 2!

by Kazu

This is the menu of the restaurant in the building of the roadside station in Naganuma along Route 274. I was so impressed by the level of the dishes made of veggies and meat sourced locally. Blessed with the mild climate and fertile soil of the land, this area has many farm inn and kleingartens, and furthermore produces quality food including not only materials such as veggies, meat and dairy food but also processed food such as Naganuma Jingisukan etc. 
Croquettes made of local potatoes in South Sorachi, beef and corn can be taken out for eating under the beautiful sky.
Huge spring rolls of 27cm long can be a big draw in this restaurant in mot-so-distanced future.
         I could see the fresh peanuts plant for the first time in my life. I have to boil the peanuts for 30 minutes tonight. Please have a great week to create something new with me! See you! 

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