End of party, Sapporo Autum Fest 2012!

 by Kazu

Lazing around this weekend, I visited Sapporo Autumn Fest again on September 30(Sun.).
Most of stands have already been wrapped up after getting desirable bottom-line no their sale.
Every staff was so tired packing up their utensils and food. 
It will take more time to call it a day. They have to go back to their hometown tonight.
Binge drinking will be held in each city an town tomorrow. Devoting themseves to sell the products and produce, all the staff members of this fest seems to be satisfied with their efforts and sales. For the industry of their hometown, they exerted their best effort actually.
 All the stands and booths will be taken away by tomorrow. 
Famous skewered grilled chicken restaurant Fukuyoshi from Bibai City was still grilling chicken because it has some branch restaurants in Sapporo City. It's easy to carry its utensils and materials to the nearest one.
I am not sure if Kuriyama Town croquettes has its branch shop in Sapporo or not, but was still selling at 19:00.
Many stands run from the beginning of this fest were still open to sell up all the products and produce.
 It can be said that all the participants to the festival enjoyed themselves in this fest and were successful to acknowledge their products and produce to the people.
The mascot character of Yubari City Melon Bear was so tired that having rest but kindly gave me a  farewell wave of his hand. 
 So many products were still left in the shop but the staff members did a good job absolutely.
Sapporo Autumn Fest seems to have attracted much more people than the Odori Park beer garden.
Thanks a lot for collecting many people and food to this area. It is a good occasion for the tourists from abroad to visit Sapporo City in this season to share the happiness of this festival.

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