Takinoue Park in Yubari City!

 by Kazu

This is not a real living tree. Yes, it is an artificial maple tree exhibited at the gardening corner that sells seedling in Takinoue Park at the southern end of Yubari City.  Canadian people knows that maple tree leaves do not change the colour in such way.
 This is the old power factory run by Hokkaido Government. It is not in use now but the design of the building is favoured by many people in Hokkaido.
It had supported the development of this area that flourished with coalmines and related industries.
This area was remodeled as a public park to walk around watching beautiful autumnal foliage and vernal cherry blossoms. The colour variation will peak this weekend. This park is at the roadside of Route 274 from Sapporo City to Obihiro City.
 This suspension bridge is one of the best photo shot point with coloured leaves and the river flow
It snowed on the mountains in Hokkaido this week and the white-capped peaks are so beautiful albeit the beauty of the coloured leaves has not peaked yet.
Both banks of this river has been carved for years by the water flow including floods and turned like a washboard. This waterfall is called Chidoriga-daki and this area is called Ryuusen-kyo(canyon). 
 Coming across the bridge, the trail leads to the riverside of Yubari river.

 This pipe made of ferroconcrete is for hydraulic power plant to discharge the water used for power generating. 
It is the first time for us to visit here in our life, to be surprised.

 To be sad, there is no hot spring around this area except for Yuuparo hot spring spa in Yubari City.
The trail on the deck is so nice to walk around in woods. It is the good season to strengthen the camaraderie around the fire pot. Would you visit Hokkaido before the ground is covered with snow?


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