Black Rice Crops festival in Fukagawa City!

by Kazu

Black Rice Festival is held in Fukagawa City on October 12(Fri.) to 21(Sun.) on the purpose of introducing various kinds of products and food including sweets made of black rice crops.
If you buy one each from the food category and sweets category and get the stamp from the shop you bought, you are entitled to apply for the giveaway made of black rice crops, supported by sixteen shops in Moseushi Town and Fukagawa City.
The coupon for discount can be obtained at Kuramoto Newspaper delivery service in Fukagawa City or the roadside station "Riceland Fukagawa" along Route 12.
This black rice crops called "Kita-no-Murasaki" which means "Northern Purple" were developed by Professor Ishimura et al in Hokkaido Takushoku College and are so high in anthicyanin which is a kind of polyphenol that is expected to work for keeping our body fit and young.


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