Hidden area in Hokuryu Town!

by Kazu

As I ran out of the photos taken recently, I introduce the beautiful camping site in Hokuryu Town, Sorachi sub-prefectural area of Hokkaido.
The pink area is the ground covered with the blossoms of Moss Phlox(Phlox sublata).In Hokkaido, Takinoue Town, Rausu Town, Oozora Town are the famous areas of beautiful Moss Phlox but those area of Moss Phlox are not for camping. But in Konpira Park Camping Site of Hokuryu Town, this beautiful scenery can be seen from the tent in spring. This park is 16km away from Hokuryu Himawari(Sunflower) Interchange of expressway between Rumoi City and Fukagawa City.  
   The waterfall below is Sandan-no Taki which means three-step waterfall in English. Located in the hidden area of Hokuryu Town, the waterfall is worthwhile, to be frank. It is 5km away from the entrance of trekking course to reach the peak of Mt.Shokanbetsu(-dake). It is easy to reach and see this scenery by walk even for females. Before snowfall, it may be a great trekking to reach the waterfall through the trail. Would you try this weekend?

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