Mt.Meakan-dake of two years ago!

 by Kazu

I could not post the clear photo of Mt. Meakan-dake in the eastern part of Hokkaido this year because of the not-so-fine weather , I post the photos of Mt.Meakan-dake taken two years ago. It was very calm around the entrance of the trail. To avoid lengthy explanation, just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

My wife was not successful to reach the peak of the mountain because the bottom of the crater and the steep hillside can be seen so clearly that she was so scared to the point where she could not move.
So, no photo of my wife and me at the peak could not be taken. Just the sign of the peak is on this photo.

She could reach the peak of this mountain this year because what had scared her two years ago could not be seen this year due to fog. 

Such kind of beautiful scenery should be shared with partner or friends, praying for our safety and peace. The top of the mountains are the garden of deities of Hokkaido.
This is the white loser at the hillside of Mt.Meakan-dake two years ago. It was in October but the rocks of the mountain were covered with ice and horizontal icicle made by the strong wind on the hillside. Most of the climbers gave up to reach the peak at that time like my wife did except for me. The scenery of the peaks in Hokkaido will be in full flourish with beautiful autumnal foliage this weekend. Beef up your body and spend the leftover energy to see the buena vista !

This is the crater lake at the bottom of the crater in Mt.Meakan-dake.

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