Crossing the pass over the mountain !

by Kazu

This pond and meadow are near the pass over the mountain between Yubari City and Iwamizawa City in Sorachi sub-prefectural area.
Swallowing a hectic amount of grant from the central government of Japan, this park was developed by the municipality of Yubari that went bankrupt in 2006 and is now struggling with the decreasing revenue and  billions of debt..

 It was so calm on the mountain and only a few people were enjoying cycling around the pass. The hill climb course on the road was used for "Tour de Hokkaido" before. I can imagine easily the lactic acid in our muscle of thighs. Autumnal foliage has not full-fledged, speaking of the vividness of its colours  but vague contrast of the leaves are something like dream in silence. 
I have to apologize for my low degrees of skill to take photos but it's the real colour of the park, to be honest. The population of Yubari City is still decreasing and the young leader, mayor Suzuki
is having tough time to get some accomplishment in his promise made in last election. Actually he has exerted efforts to make the municipality on its own and to revitalize the city, making the most of his connection with Tokyo Metropolitan Area. But his back log has not shrunk at all
It is very difficult to find youngsters in Yubari city except for in the city hall now. Who will be handed down the debt and the citizens? The uphill- battle of Mayor Mr.Suzuki will continue for a while.

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