Mining Summit was held in Mikasa City 2!

by Kazu

Wood made a good fire at that night and warmed us up with its good smell and heat. After sunset, the temperature outside nosedived with chilly breeze and darkness. 
I attended to the BBQ party with only T-shirt, short pants and jandal. So I really appreciated the fire provided by the host. 

Cold beer was not popular. So I was the main consumer of beer. The staff members of BBQ College  seemed to have to drink up the beer.
They really make a concentrated effort to entertain the guests from southern part of

This cloth expresses the sound of coal falling down from the hole on the ceiling. Can you gain insight from the photos and imagine the facility running many years ago? 
 This id the hole frrom where coals were loaded to the wagon. 

I make a point of reading the explanation set near the artistic object but this art has no explanation that shows the intention of the artist.

This photo  shows the cloud in the sky.

 The approach to the second floor is closed at night. The art project continues until the end of October, 2012. Long boots are available at the reception in the parking area. I do not go for the hard Please try the new sense of value!


  1. hi..i like your blog about..because the scenery from JAPAN so peaceful..are you foreigner or japanese..hope one day you will be my tourist guide one day i go there (JAPAN)..hOKKAIDO,i hope i go there one day.. :)