Hokkaido University in autumn! -for Fatinnadiah

by Kazu

It was 5:30 in the morning. It will be raining today but it was so fine yesterday in Sapporo City. Beautiful autumnal foliage did not get the bright colour without sunshine early in the morning. But even at that moment without the ray of rising sun, only one part of the premises of Hokkaido University was so shining as if the tree itself emitting light.

This is the tree glowing with gold colour. Something is different from other trees. Gingko biloba seemed to emit the light. I have seen the same phenomenon in Quebec City of Canada. Yes, that was in Orleans Island.
Old couples are whispering each other in the auberge. That was the symbolic scene of Canada.  
All the foliage got the bright colour in the afternoon in Hokkaido University. The beauty of the leaves were not at the peak this year in the plain. If we had earlier snow fall this winter and the leaves withered, we will not be able to see the most beautiful foliage this year.

Yes, it is so peaceful in Japan but it has not got over the economic depression albeit China and other countries in Asia are getting power to outstrip Japan. 
It will rain tomorrow and the day after in Sapporo City, too.

Red and orange.

I will post the events held in Noember, December and January of 2013 before Mayan Calender  run out of its record. Do you think the human beings will be able to count the days after we enter the terra incognita of Mayan Calender?

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