Boulangerie "Anq" in Yuni Town!

by Kazu

This boulangerie is on the same premises of Ushigoya Ice Cream and its cattle ranch. A small log house can be seen in the backyard of the ice cream shop.

This small kitchen is the space to bake the delicious breads. A few chairs and tables are set in the eat-in corner.

Very very narrow space is spared for breads and sweets.

My first impression was that I visited the house of my friend in the woods.

This cattle ranch runs some shops on its premises. The customers can romp around in this area using equipments for table tennis, basketball and swings with kids and companion animal.

I love this layout in the ranch.Please bear in mind that many fascinate cafes, restaurants and shops are near the  intersection of Route 234 and 274 in Yuni Town. The sign of the boulangerie is shown along the trail. The name is "Anq". 

Beautiful garden and comfortable atmosphere welcome the visitors. Small orange flowers were blooming on that day. They will wither soon but the shops are flourishing all the year round!

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