Autumnal Foliage around Daisetsu Highland Hot Spring!

By Gen (Kamikawa Sub-prefectural Office of Hokkaido Government)

The best beautiful season on the mountain is passing by very fast! Around Daisetsu Kogen Onsen(Highland Hot spring), the autumnal foliage is showing its unbeleavable beauty on the mountain. Get out of humdrum weekend in downtown and hit the road to the mountains!
The inn around this area will be closed on October 11(Thu.) and only 7 days are left to soak in the comfortable hot spring bath with the smell of sulfur and camphor, watching such beautiful scenery.
Details are athttp://business3.plala.or.jp/daisetsu/top.html
but only in Japanese. Please enjoy and check the photos posted on the site. 
Brown bears are preparing for their hibernation in winter and eating up the fruit on the mountains. Anybody could give them the venison not to annoy the bears with hunger ?
Cull the deers in Hokkaido for the farmers and forests! We have to adjust the number of the deers in Hokkaido immediately!  We may have to establish the system to provide gibier, either.
The season of hunting has begun. Our battle against the deers continues.