Rose Garden in Chippubetsu began to prepare for next year!

by Kazu

Thank you very much for visiting Rose Garden in Chippubetsu this year!
This photo was taken by the staff of the garden on October 3(Wed.).
It's a pity that the garden could not turn to black on the book this year but I hope much more people will visit the garden  next year.
As I mentioned before, the municipality of Chippubetsu is offering the real estate for residence at the price of 1 Japanese Yen per one square meter. And it has very cosy hot spring spa called Chippu YUUYU" in the town. Isn't it the competitive price for retirees ?                   The whole garden will be filled with roses next year and the next, again and again as the photo on the right shows. The season of fire pot has come! Let's play outside and get warmed up with hot spring spa and delicious fire pot! 


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